So I ran outta time for finding a photographer and wanted to submit something to San Diego fashion week. This is at my house too lol.
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This top is a bikini top from forever 21 :)


her body though,…i wishhhh

so fucking unfair

who in the ??

one of the greatest follows i ever made


OMG, finally found someone else with my body shape. hips, booty, and thighs. Small waist.

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People are always baffled by how extremely well I handle myself under pressure and stressful situations.

But it doesn’t mean that I’m not destroying myself mentally, ripping my brain apart from the inside out. I’m not exactly emotionless like everyone likes to believe, I just hide ever inch of emotion until I’m alone. Someone has to be the calm and collected one.

You will NEVER see me break down and cry. I just don’t. I can’t.




Q: k, going wild - of the folks who use or might use the type of interior design service you envision, residential and commercial; how would you define your segments, those you can most help and who are most likely to avail themselves of your vision? Once you can define each in detail, my second question; how do you let them know the benefits you offer?

It’s going to be a partnership business with 2 others. We each have our own strong specialities.

So we get work through small businesses (interior designers etc) that do not necessarily have the time to create digital presentations, renderings, and 3D models, because of course there is so much more that goes into designing besides the aesthetics. But let’s be real, technical floorplans often times don’t make sense to the client, and while physical boards are crafty and nice, people are more drawn towards digital media, a space that they can physically see and feel themselves in.

A lot of our cliental so far seems to be hospitality spaces, so restaurant designs.

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Q: I think you're very beautiful :)

woah, happiness! Thank you

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